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  • 19-Sep-22

Physical therapists (PTs), known as trained specialists, identify and treat abnormal physical function caused by disease, injury, or disability. If you've experienced sickness or an accident that makes it difficult for you to do daily duties, your doctor might recommend this course of treatment.

  • Relieve pain

  • Increased capability or mobility

  • Protect athletes from harm or treat them

  • Recuperation from a stroke, an accident, an injury, or surgery

  • To prevent sliding or falling, work on your balance

  • Keeping a chronic ailment, such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis under control

  • Recoup after giving delivery while maintaining control of your bowels or bladder

  • Getting used to a prosthetic leg

  • Utilize walking aids like a cane or walker properly

  • Get a splint or brace

Physical therapy is beneficial for people of all ages. It can handle a range of medical issues.

Who is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapist are experts in movement who enhance patients' quality of life by giving them directed exercise, direct care and education. Physical therapists diagnose and treat patients of all ages including those who are of older age.

Your physical therapy is guided by the treatment plan that physical therapists design after evaluating your health. Your symptoms might be treated physically by them. In order to help you move and function better, they also teach you certain exercises.

Integrated Medical Care Hospital (IMC Hospital)

The formation of a multi-specialty hospital as part of a joint venture between IMC Hospital and DHA Lahore aims to revolutionize healthcare and present the concept of integrated care and services. IMC tackles the inherent challenges of inpatient care by merging systems and processes for patient management and putting people before diseases.

IMC Hospital Lahore (Services)

One of the services at IMC Hospital is their Physiotherapy which stands out. Their physicians are renowned and the best in the business. Visit today and book your appointment at IMC Hospital.

Dr.Hafiz. M. Asim

DPT (USA), OCS (USA), PhD (Malaysia)

Physical Therapy and Rehab Services

Areas of Focus
Musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions, post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, Neuro rehabilitation and orthotics & prosthetics.


Prof. H. M. Asim graduated from King Edward Medical University in 1995. He became a Canadian licensed Physical therapist in 2001 and worked in various health care setups in Canada. In 2004, he moved to America where he became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist and worked in renowned American health care setups. In 2011 he completed his Ph.D. from Malaysia. Prof. Asim has extensive clinical experience of about 27 years. He is serving as head of the Physical Therapy department at IMC Hospital and also at Ghurki Trust & Teaching Hospital and Spine Center. He has been working as a consultant Physical Therapist and head of the PT department at Surgimed Hospital Lahore. He is academically involved in the medical field as Dean of Lahore College of Physical Therapy, and LMDC.


Monday to Friday: Morning: 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Saturday: Morning: 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm

IMC Hospital Lahore Contact Number

Contact details:
Tel: + (92-42) 37178901 + (92-42) 37178904

IMC Hospital Address

Head Office Located at 153/1, Sector F, Phase V, Defence Housing Authority Lahore.